Alberta Marriage Commissioner - Don Seel

Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up. - Joseph Barth

Don was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Soon after graduating high school, he got the radio " bug" and began training for a career in broadcasting. After graduating, he landed a job at CJGX radio in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, then moved to Regina and Moose Jaw, before landing in Calgary, and travelled the province, reporting on major stories for CTV National News.

In 1971, he became the News Anchor at CFCN-TV ( now CTV ) in Calgary. Later, he joined the team of the late Ed Whalen and became the News Anchor at CFAC-TV (now Glaobal) in Calgary.

Throughout Don's radio career, he has experienced many highlights, including an audience with Archbishop Makarios and interviews with Pierre Elliot Tudeau, John Diefenbaker, Lester B. Pearson, Joe Clark and Jean Chretian.

Among Don's most cherished memories is the time he spent working with former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein and MP/Minister Peter Kent. Don is also a fully-qualified and trained Auctioneer, and is the past president of the Western Canadian School of Auctioneering. He still volunteers for charity sales, as a means of putting something back into the community.

Don is also a professional public speaker, having served as the President of Bow Valley Toastmasters and earning his ATM designation.

Don's career as a Marriage Commissioner began when he took a one-day permit several years ago, and performed a wedding ceremony for one of his friends. He has performed an average of 65 marriage ceremonies each year, since 2007, and is considered one of the top officiants in his field.

His trademark is the type of upbeat humour he injects into each ceremony, to help ease any tension. Another trademark of Don's wedding services is the free wedding rehearsals he offers.

In 2011, Don expanded his marriage services to include Wedding Consultant. He was responding to many requests from his clients, to consider a full range of services for couples. Also included in Don's services is a free consultation with couples to review their wedding plans, prior to the big event.